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What our clients say about us?

ZEE Medical Billing solved the problems we experienced with inhouse billing and cloud-based software used before in order to find the best RCM solution. They have integrity and knowledge for the job. I am happy with my experience and relationship with them.

Dr. Peter Hsin, MD

Board Certified General Psychiatrist

I have been working with ZEE Medical Billing for 4 years. I found their team to be extremely reliable and effective with careful attention to the details. They are extremely courteous and easy to work with. I recommend ZEE without reservation.

Dr. Martin McCarthy, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist

I have been working with ZEE Medical Billing for a little over 7 years. The team has provided excellent service in care. It is great working with them because I can just focus on my clinical work without worrying about the billing. I highly recommend their services.

Dr. John Koh, PsyD


ZEE Medical Billing handles everything related to the revenue cycle management for us working directly with all the insurance. It takes a lot of the time off of my hands. They are prompt, thorough and wonderful to work. I highly recommend ZEE.

April Yoon, MSW

Office Manager, Evanston Psych

I want to give a great review about ZEE Medical Billing. I have a wonderful experience since I have contract with this company. They are very supportive, very professional and they have helped me increase my revenue. I want to thank ZEE Medical Billing.

Brian Pervis, N.P

Integrative Pain and Psych Care