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Patient Scheduling and Management

Medical practices must maintain an effective scheduling process to maximize patient care time and increase patient satisfaction. Scheduling can quickly become a distraction and hassle for any practice.

ZMB knows how stressful and time-consuming this task can be, so let ZMB handle your patient scheduling while you stay focused on providing patient care. ZMB will maintain a healthy relationship with your patients through our streamlined customer support system. ZMB supports your practice with everything from scheduling to patient billing inquiries.

Our Process
  • Inquiries
  • Appointment
  • Requirement
  • Support
  • Tasks

Managing Patient inquiries

Effectively and efficiently handling any patient billing related questions. with the assistance of knowledgeable and experienced billing team.

Appointment scheduling

Your appointments with your all patients are scheduled in accordance with your scheduler.

Managing Billing Requirement

For you, we collect all the data from your patients. Before the patient visits, we examine all of their information to make sure they are eligible.

Customer Support

We respect the needs of the patient and always value them. we understand their agony and always find a solution by placing ourselves in their situation.

Managing Administrative tasks

We manage all the front desk challenges and act as your virtual assistant. We free you from the hassles of keeping track of the paper work, records and data collection.

Our Values

At ZMB, we continuously innovate to ensure our client’s requirements are met by upholding our most desired values. Accountability, diversity, inclusion, honesty, and decency.