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Technical SEO Services

Master the Digital Landscape: Our Technical SEO Services, Your Website’s North Star to Higher Rankings and Enhanced Visibility.

What is Technical SEO and Why is it Important?

Technical SEO, also known as on-page SEO, is a critical aspect of search engine optimization. It involves optimizing your website’s technical elements to enhance its visibility in search engine results. This optimization focuses on factors that search engines use to rank websites, ensuring that your site is well-structured, loads quickly, is mobile-responsive and offers a seamless navigation experience. Technical SEO assesses your website’s current SEO and determines which aspects you need to improve.  

Currently, 3.5 billion users are mobile users across the world. That’s why a mobile responsive website is crucial to meet search engine updates. This not only pleases search engines but also keeps your visitors engaged and satisfied.

Optimizing your site’s technical aspects helps search engines understand your content better. This leads to improved rankings, making it more likely for your website to appear on the first page of search results. Search engine crawlers navigate through websites to index content. A well-optimized site ensures these crawlers can access and understand your content, increasing your chances of being indexed.


Technical SEO Services

For A Successful Online Campaign, Develop actionable SEO Strategies

Technical SEO Audit

Our comprehensive Technical SEO Audit is the foundation of your technical SEO strategy. We delve deep into your website, meticulously analyzing various technical aspects. This audit finds problems that are potentially affecting the functionality and search engine visibility of your website. Several technical issues are addressed by this audit, including indexation, crawl faults, robots.txt, mobile performance, internal link structure, page speed,  structure.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your competitors is essential to improving your website. It provides chances for a greater conversion rate. We provide in-depth competition analysis to assist you in learning about the strategies used by your competitors and identify areas where you can outperform them. Our technical SEO specialist examines the social media presence, backlink profile, search engine rankings, keyword performance, and content strategies of your competitors.

Meta Data Analysis

Meta tags are your website’s introduction to search engines and users. We conduct an in-depth Meta Data Analysis to optimize meta titles, descriptions, meta keywords, title tags, alt attributes robots tags, and header tags. By incorporating the right keywords and ensuring relevance, we maximize your website’s visibility in search engine results. In that way, we make sure that utilized metadata will significantly harm your SEO results.

Image Optimization

Visual content is a powerful tool, but it can also slow down your website if not optimized properly. Our Image Optimization service ensures that your images are compressed, and formatted correctly, utilizes image sitemap, optimizes your alt attributes, maximizes image optimization plugins, and enhances your site’s load times. This not only benefits your SEO but also improves the user experience by using technical SEO for eCommerce.

Speed Optimization

In today’s fast-paced world, speed is crucial. Slow websites frustrate users and deter search engines. We specialize in Speed Optimization, which involves reducing page load times, optimizing CSS and ML files, leveraging content delivery networks (CDNs, minimizing redirection, optimizing your code, and speeding up server response times. Your website will be faster, more responsive, and better equipped to capture and retain your audience.

Structured Data Markup

Structured data provides search engines with additional context about your website’s content. Our Structured Data Markup service, often using JSON-LD, helps search engines understand your content better. We create the HTML, add the schema markup, highlight the page items, assign data tags, and leverage the Structured Data Testing Tools. This can lead to rich snippets in search results, enhancing your website’s visibility and click-through rates.

Technical SEO: Your First Step in creating a better Search Experience

Technical SEO is more than just optimizing your website for search engines; it’s about enhancing the overall user experience. According to Google 10 sec of delay in page load speed can cause a 123 percent of bounce rate. Even a second delay in mobile load speed can cause a 20 percent decrease in conversion rate. By addressing technical issues and optimizing your website for search engines, you pave the way for higher rankings and increased organic traffic. Don’t take it too easy as these technical aspects can leave an adverse impact on SEO.

Technical SEO Services for Local Businesses

Local businesses face unique challenges when it comes to online visibility. Technical SEO services tailored for local businesses address these challenges effectively. Best Technical SEO Company, Zee IT services can handle these challenges and focus on optimizing your website for local search, ensuring that your business appears in local search results when potential customers are looking for products or services in your area. Here are the services that we’ll cover in our Best SEO Technical Services:

  • Running a crawl error report
  • Schema Data Markup
  • Auditing preferred domain
  • Improving metadata
  • Pagination and Canonicalization
  • Checking HTTPS status codes
  • Checking broken links
  • Creating an XML sitemap
  • Implementing SSL
  • Increasing site speed
  • Utilizing robots.txt
  • Auditing redirects

How Zee IT Services will improve your local visibility?

ZeeITServices a leading Local SEO Company, we’re dedicated to taking your local visibility to new heights. Our team of experts understands the nuances of local SEO for small businesses, and we’re committed to ensuring your business thrives in the digital world. We start by optimizing your online presence, ensuring that your business is easily found by local customers. From enhancing your website’s user-friendliness to boosting your visibility on Google Maps, we leave no stone unturned. 

With our strategic approach to local SEO Services, your business will experience a significant increase in local website traffic. We’ll align your brand with its geographic relevance, making sure you reach the right audience. The result? A thriving online presence that brings in more customers and revenue. ZeeITServices isn’t just a local SEO company; we’re your partners in success. Let us guide your business towards improved local visibility, and watch as your brand shines in the local market. Together, we’ll write a success story that’s bound to impress your local audience.

Why choose Zee IT Services services for Technical SEO Services?

Selecting the right partner for your Technical SEO needs is a critical decision that can significantly impact your online success. ZEE IT Services, Technical SEO Company stands out as a trusted name in the realm of digital marketing as Our commitment to quality, our team of experts, our comprehensive approach, our dedication to analytics, and our goal-oriented strategies are what set us apart.  here are compelling reasons why you should choose us for your Technical SEO Services:

Our commitment to excellence begins with our in-depth website audits. Our audits are meticulous, thorough, and designed to unearth every hidden issue that may be affecting your site’s performance. We examine every aspect of your website’s technical performance. At ZEE IT Services, we believe that a solid foundation is the key to a successful Technical SEO strategy, and our audits are the first step toward achieving this.

At the core of our success are our Technical SEO Specialists. Our team comprises experts who are not only well-versed in SEO best practices and Google-certified SEO experts but also constantly updated with the latest trends in the ever-changing digital landscape and manage your project from start to finish. They possess the knowledge, experience, and expertise required to tackle the most complex technical SEO challenges.

ZEE IT Services offers more than just Technical SEO. We provide a comprehensive range of SEO services that extend beyond the technical aspects. Our full-service SEO solutions encompass content creation, keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page strategies, enterprise SEO, E-commerce SEO, Shopify SEO, and everything in between. By choosing us, you gain a partner that can guide your entire SEO journey, from start to finish.

Data-driven decisions are at the heart of our strategy. We believe that effective SEO is not just about implementing strategies but also about measuring their impact. ZEE IT Services provides robust analytics and reporting services and offers monthly reports, email updates, and regular consultations. We offer transparency and insight, helping you understand how our efforts are driving results, and allowing us to make data-driven adjustments when necessary.

At ZEE IT Services, we understand that each business has unique goals and challenges. Our approach is goal-oriented, and we craft web strategies that align with your specific objectives. Additionally, our team uses a variety of distribution strategies to boost traffic and leads to your website. Whether it’s increasing website traffic, boosting conversions, or enhancing your online visibility, our strategies are designed to help you achieve your goals.

Reviews: What people are saying

ZeeITServices has been a game-changer for my Local SEO for Small Business. Thanks to their local SEO strategies, we’ve seen a significant increase in local customers. Our online visibility has soared, and it’s all thanks to their expert team. Highly recommended!



I can’t thank ZeeITServices enough for their best local SEO services. The team’s attention to detail and commitment to our business’s success is unmatched. We’ve experienced a substantial boost in website traffic and local visibility since we started working with them.

John Murphy

Healthcare Advisor

ZeeITServices is the best local SEO company we’ve ever worked with. Their strategies are effective, and they genuinely care about their clients’ success. If you’re a small business looking to improve your local presence, don’t hesitate to partner with them.


Marketing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO focuses on optimizing the technical elements of your website to improve its visibility and performance in search engines. It involves optimizing factors such as website speed, mobile-friendliness, site architecture, crawlability, indexing, structured data, and more. Technical SEO ensures that search engines can easily crawl, understand, and index your website, leading to better search engine rankings and user experience.


How do your technical SEO services work?

At Zee IT Services, our technical SEO services begin with a comprehensive analysis of your website’s technical aspects. We conduct an in-depth audit to identify any issues or areas for improvement. Based on the findings, we develop a customized strategy to address technical issues, optimize website performance, and enhance search engine visibility. Our team implements the necessary technical changes, monitors the progress, and makes adjustments as needed to ensure optimal results.


What technical elements do you optimize?

Our technical SEO services cover a wide range of elements. We optimize website speed and performance, fix crawl errors and broken links, optimize URL structure, improve XML sitemaps and robots.txt files, enhance mobile-friendliness and responsive design, implement structured data markup, optimize metadata, and improve website security, among other technical optimizations. Our goal is to ensure that your website is technically sound and search engine-friendly.


How do I get started with technical SEO services for my website?

Simply get in touch with us through our website, call us, or email us to begin using our technical SEO services. We will first meet with you to discuss your website, objectives, and particular technical SEO requirements. Following a complete technical examination of your website, we will make a customized technical SEO strategy recommendation. Upon receiving your permission, we’ll start putting the required optimisations into place.


Do you send monthly reports?

Yes, we provide regular reporting to keep you informed about the progress of our technical SEO services. Our monthly reports provide insights into key metrics, improvements in search engine rankings, website performance, and any technical issues that have been resolved. We believe in transparency and ensuring that you have visibility into the impact of our technical SEO efforts.

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