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Website SEO Audit

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What is a Website Audit?

Website audit is a complete analysis of your website, typically done before a large-scale search engine optimization or website redesign. A website audit essentially pinpoints a website’s problems and possible areas of improvement, allowing webmasters to revamp their site and make it appealing to the google algorithm.

Having trouble improving organic traffic figures and boosting performance despite doing everything right? Well, you’re in luck cause Zee IT Services, the best SEO website audit company, is here to help! Get an extensive website SEO audit to put your site in the best shape possible. But before that, let’s get into the basics and figure out how a website audit improves your site.

Here at ZeeITServices, our comprehensive website SEO audit service review your website’s effectiveness and how well it is optimized according to Google’s best practices. With hundreds of hours invested in technical and SEO website audits, we leave no stone unturned when analyzing your website. Covering everything from your site’s health, technical glitches, and optimization strategies, our SEO auditors, will highlight issues hindering your organic search numbers and then devise effective strategies to fix them – all done with a sophisticated set of intelligence tools and the utmost expertise.

Why Do Businesses Need a Website Audit?

All business websites are built differently. Some have been there quite a while with poor content management systems and outdated SEO practices. While others are built by developers with no sense of site architecture, significantly impacting the website performance, speed, and user experience. Or, you might suspect a content duplication problem but do not have access to advanced tools to confirm the problem. That is where we come in! 

Our intensive website SEO audit service will identify every issue that is a hindrance in boosting your organic traffic. Designed to investigate everything from on-page elements like title tags to comprehensive sitemaps, a website audit will be your first step toward fixing your performance issues. 

In addition to increasing your site’s search value and relevance, a website audit allows webmasters to make their website more appealing to up-and-coming users. It helps evaluate your existing content and repurpose and optimize it according to the updated algorithm in order to increase site visibility and engagement. 

Still on the edge about investing in a website SEO audit service? These additional benefits should be enough to convince you! 

  1. Improved UX design 
  2. Discover repurposing opportunities
  3. Evaluating website and content quality 
  4. Complete backlink analysis
  5. Maximize conversion rates and leads
  6. Keeping up with the trends 
  7. Opportunities to optimize your site according to updated google algorithm

Why Choose ZeeITServices As Your Website Audit Provider

Trusting a company to handle your SEO strategy is no simple task. While it may seem tempting to opt for a company that guarantees instant success, often, these companies use tactics that will impact and slow down your site growth in the long run. At ZeeITServices, we implement strategies keeping the long-term view of search success in mind. 

Our process includes understanding your business, its objectives, and what you’re planning to do with it in the long run. Once we understand your goals, we carry out thorough research on your content strategy, competitor landscape, and first-time visitor experience. After which, our diagnosticians take a ‘look under the hood’ of your site programming and performance. Our holistic approach and intelligence tools allow our auditors to scrutinize every contributing factor down to a granular level. Once we have a complete overview of your online presence, our experts recommend an effective action plan based on your brand’s goals. 

Choose an SEO Website Audit Company that you can trust, and let us help you shape your brand’s online presence in the best way possible. Our website audit services include the following: 

  • Technical Audit 
  • Content Audit 
  • Competitor Audit
  • SEO Audit 
  • Traffic and UX Audit 
  • Structured Audit

Website Audit FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a website audit?

A website SEO audit means analyzing your site’s quality, health, and performance and how well it relates to your industry’s best practices and competitors in the space. It includes a comprehensive breakdown of the on-page and off-page elements to identify the issues and ways to fix these issues to improve your organic profile regarding audience and revenue growth.

How long does a website audit take?

The duration of a website audit depends on three factors: 

  1. Size of your website – The larger your website is, the more time goes into audit it. 
  2. Quality of your website – If you have a low-quality website, more time goes into recommendations and updates. 
  3. Type of auditing service – Different auditing services take different durations to get completed. 

Typically, it takes anywhere between 2-6 weeks, also influenced by the time taken by you to schedule review and follow-up meetings.

What kind of businesses can have their website audit completed?

Our website SEO audit service can be customized to identify issues and provide recommendations on fixing them for every and all kinds of sites.

What happens after I sign up?

Once you sign up for our service, our customer care agent will send you a questionnaire to collect all information. Then, our consultants schedule an introductory meeting to plan an audit strategy around your business model before starting to work on your site.

Do you need administrator access to my website?

No. We won’t request any ‘back-end’ or administrator access to your website during a website SEO audit service. Under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t have to share sensitive login credentials or passwords with us. 

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