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What is E-A-T? & Why is E-A-T Important for SEO in 2023?

Published by:Sara Smith

May 15, 2023

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), many factors influence a website’s ranking in search results. One of the most important factors that has gained prominence in recent years is E-A-T. E-A-T stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. In this article, we will explore what E-A-T is, why it is important for SEO in 2023, and how you can improve your website’s E-A-T.


E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. These are the specific guidelines that help Google in analyzing the quality of the content. E-A-T is especially important for websites that deal with topics related to health, finance, and law as they can have a significant impact on a user’s well-being.

Google’s algorithm is always changing, and it now gives E-A-T more weight than before. It is becoming even more crucial in 2023 as Google continues to place a premium on user experience and high-quality content.

Why is E-A-T important for SEO in 2023?

In recent years, Google’s algorithm improvements have given E-A-T a greater importance. This is because E-A-T is a crucial sign of high-quality material, and Google wants to offer its consumers the greatest search results possible. E-A-T is anticipated to continue to play a significant influence in determining a website’s position in search results well into 2023.

There is also increased competition in search rankings, with more and more websites vying for the top spots. In this crowded space, having high E-A-T can give your website a competitive edge.

Website owners and SEO experts may make sure that their sites are well-positioned to rank highly in search results, especially in a highly competitive industry, by concentrating on E-A-T. Furthermore, reliability and trustworthiness are more crucial than ever in an era of false information and fake news. You may convince your readers that your content is dependable and trustworthy by emphasizing E-A-T.

In 2023, E-A-T is crucial for SEO for several reasons, some of which we have listed below:

  • E-A-T helps in building user trust.
  • Websites with strong E-A-T ratings are more likely to appear higher in search results.
  • Websites that cover areas like health, finance, and law should pay extra attention to E-A-T.
  • As Google continues to place a high value on user experience and high-quality content, E-A-T is becoming more and more significant.

Components of E-A-T?

Google uses a set of standards called E-A-T to assess the quality of material on websites. EAT is the combination of 3 components.


The first part of E-A-T is expertise. Google looks for content that is created by subject-matter experts who are well-knowledgeable about the subject being covered. For websites that cover topics linked to health, finance, and law, expertise is especially crucial.

Some of the ways to demonstrate expertise on a website include:

  • Providing in-depth and well-researched content.
  • Experts in the field write the content that is published.
  • Citing credible sources to support claims made in the content.
  • Providing author bios that demonstrate the author’s expertise in the topic.


Authority is the second component of E-A-T. It refers to the level of authority that a website has in its niche or industry. Google looks for content produced by websites recognized as authorities in their niche. Authority is particularly important for websites that deal with topics related to health, finance, and law.

Some of the ways to demonstrate authority on a website include:

  • Building high-quality backlinks from other authoritative websites.
  • Develop your identity on relevant social media platforms
  • Publishing guest posts on other authoritative websites.
  • Other authoritative websites cite it as a source of information.


The third element of E-A-T is trustworthiness. It refers to the degree of trust that visitors have in the website’s information and content. Google seeks information that is truthful, objective, and error-free. Websites that deal with issues linked to health, finance, and law should be especially trustworthy.

Some of the ways to demonstrate trustworthiness on a website include:

  • Displaying contact information, such as phone numbers and physical addresses.
  • Providing clear and transparent information about the website’s ownership and purpose.
  • Ensuring that the website is secure and uses HTTPS encryption.
  • Avoiding misleading or clickbait headlines and content.

Where does the concept of E-A-T come from?

Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines, which human evaluators use to judge the overall quality of search results, were the first to introduce the idea of E-A-T. After initially publishing in 2013, the guidelines underwent numerous revisions.

For pages that fit under Google’s Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) category, E-A-T is very crucial. YMYL pages are those that may affect a user’s safety, finances, or health. This includes web pages that offer financial, legal, and medical advice.

Is E-A-T Important for All Websites?

Yes, E-A-T is important for all websites, but it’s especially critical for websites that fall under the YMYL category.

YMYL stands for Your Money or Your Life, and it refers to websites that provide information related to health, finance, legal matters, and other topics that could have a significant impact on a user’s life. Google holds YMYL websites to higher standards, and they’re expected to demonstrate a higher level of E-A-T than other websites. If your website falls under the YMYL category, you need to make sure you’re meeting Google’s E-A-T criteria.

How to Know Which Are YMYL Websites?

If you’re not sure whether your website falls under the YMYL category, here are some examples of websites that do:

  • The Websites that provide medical information, such as symptoms, treatments, and diagnoses
  • Financial information websites, such as investment advice, loans, and credit scores
  • Sites that contain legal information like laws, regulations, and court rulings
  • Advice websites about major life decisions, like buying a home, starting a business, or getting married

If your website offers content on any of these subjects, it probably falls under the YMYL category, therefore you should make sure you’re adhering to Google’s E-A-T guidelines.

What are some examples of low and high E-A-T SEO?

Many different factors can influence the E-A-T of a website, and it can be difficult to quantify the quality and credibility of a site simply. However, low and high E-A-T sites tend to exhibit certain common characteristics.

  • Low E-A-T sites are often characterized by poor-quality content that is thin or spammy and does not provide much value to users. The authors may not have much expertise or authority in their field, and the site may have a poor reputation among users and other websites.
  • On the other hand, high-quality content that is thoroughly researched, educational, and interesting distinguishes high E-A-T sites. The site may have a good reputation among visitors and other websites, and the authors are frequently authorities in their industry with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

How to Improve Your Website’s E-A-T Score

Now that you understand the importance of E-A-T, let’s look at how you can improve it for your website.

Quality content creation

The quality of the information on your website is one of the most crucial aspects of E-A-T. Focus on producing original, highly qualified material that is created by subject-matter specialists to raise your E-A-T. Make sure your writing is correct, thoroughly researched, and error-free.

Backlinking from authoritative sources

Backlinks from authoritative websites can help to boost your website’s E-A-T. When other credible websites link back to your content, it signals to Google that your content is valuable and trustworthy. Reach out to authoritative websites in your niche and ask if they would be willing to link to your content.

Consistency in online presence

Having a consistent online presence can also contribute to your website’s E-A-T. Make sure your website is up-to-date, and regularly post new content. Engage with your audience on social media and respond to comments and questions on time.

Social media engagement

Engaging with your audience on social media can also help to build your website’s E-A-T. By regularly posting high-quality content and interacting with your followers, you can demonstrate that you are an authority in your niche.

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