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Voice Search and SEO: Preparing for the Future

Published by:Sara Smith

May 18, 2023

Voice search has developed into a trend that is here to stay because of the rise in popularity of voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Because of this, voice search optimization has become essential for companies that wish to thrive in the digital era. We’ll talk about the value of voice search for SEO in this article, as well as how businesses may get ready for voice search in the future.

Understanding Voice Search

Instead of inputting a search query into a search engine, speech search uses voice commands to find information online. More people are adopting voice search to conduct web searches as voice assistants and smart speakers become more prevalent. Google estimates that 27% of all web users utilize voice search on their mobile devices. We anticipate an increase in voice search usage in the upcoming years as more individuals become accustomed to the comfort of utilizing voice assistants.

Voice Search and SEO

Voice search is fundamentally different from traditional search methods. When users type a search query into a search engine, they typically use short, concise keywords. However, when using voice search, users tend to use longer and more conversational phrases that mimic natural speech patterns. As a result, optimizing your website for voice search requires a different approach.

Why is Voice Search Important for SEO?

Optimizing websites for voice search is important for SEO because voice search queries differ from typed queries. When using voice search, people tend to use natural language and long-tail keywords. We can infer that websites optimized for voice search will have a better chance of appearing in search results. Voice search also allows for a more conversational tone, which can help businesses connect better with their audience.

Understanding the Impact of Voice Search on SEO

Voice search has the potential to disrupt traditional SEO practices. When users conduct a voice search, they often receive a single answer to their query, known as a featured snippet. This means that websites that provide direct answers to users’ questions are more likely to be featured at the top of the search results page. This has significant implications for businesses that rely on organic search traffic to drive leads and sales.

Optimizing Your Website for Voice Search

To optimize your website for voice search, it is crucial to understand how users interact with voice-activated digital assistants. Users typically ask questions using natural language, so it is essential to incorporate long-tail keywords and conversational phrases into your website content. Additionally, it is important to structure your content in a way that provides direct answers to common questions related to your industry or niche. 

Here are some tips for preparing your website for the future of voice search and SEO:

Optimize for long-tail keywords

When users utilize voice search, they use longer and more conversational questions more frequently. For example, instead of typing “Italian restaurants near me”, they might say “What are the best Italian restaurants in my area?” As a result, to improve the ranking via voice search, companies have to focus the content based on long-tail keywords which will sound natural when spoken. n.

Focus on featured snippets

The informational snippets that are displayed at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) are known as featured snippets. These snippets are made to give users prompt responses to their inquiries. When people use voice search, they often ask questions that can be answered by a featured snippet. By optimizing content appear as featured snippet, you can increase your chances of being the answer to someone’s voice search query.

Schema Markup impact on Voice Search Optimization

A type of coding called schema markup gives search engines more details about the content of your website. This data can be utilized to improve your website’s exposure and relevancy in search results, particularly for voice search inquiries. You may give search engines more context about your content, such as product reviews, ratings, and pricing details, by implementing schema markup on your website.

The Importance of Local SEO in Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is especially prevalent for local searches, such as “best coffee shops near me” or “Where can I find a plumber in my area?”. It is essential to concentrate on local SEO to prepare your website for local voice search. This includes optimizing your Google My Business profile, incorporating local keywords into your website content, and building high-quality backlinks from local sources.

Create conversational content

As we’ve mentioned, google voice search queries are often phrased in a conversational tone. To optimize your content for voice search, you need to create content that sounds natural when read out loud. This means using a conversational tone and focusing on answering specific questions that people might ask.

The Need for Mobile Optimization in Voice Search

Mobile optimization is essential for voice search SEO because voice search is largely utilized on mobile devices. Your website should have a quick loading time, simple navigation, and mobile optimization. Making sure that your website is responsive and able to fit different screen widths is also crucial.

Voice Search Analytics and Reporting

As voice search continues to grow in popularity, it is essential to track your website’s performance for voice search queries. This includes monitoring your website’s visibility in featured snippets and tracking the performance of specific long-tail keywords and conversational phrases. You can use this data to refine your voice search SEO strategy and optimize your website for better performance.

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